ilmiolavoro is an organisation running in the field of the innovation in lifelong learning system since 2014. It aims to support people in their own personal and professional development. The mission of imiolavoro is to "give to people, especially those who have difficulties, the support to unleash their potential, so that they can offer their contribution as citizens". What get ilmiolavoro’s people passionate and inspired is to work for a World of “autonomous and connected people”. People as key-players in the society of awareness.

In the today complex society where rules and roles change continuously, ilmiolavoro supports people in reaching a proper condition of personal self-fulfilment. Ilmiolavoro offers customised learning solutions to develop a set of strategic skills by stimulating in participants “energy, activation and inspiration”.

Over the last five years ilmiolavoro has been involved in projects and training activities addressing different areas and topics:

-          Guidance services addressed to disadvantaged people (migrants, refugees, woman with caregiving tasks, unemployed people, etc);

-          Training courses addressed to trainers and teachers of educational institutions;

-          Strategic partnerships Erasmus+ in the field of Social Inclusion, Early School Leaving, Entrepreneurship, 4.0 Key Skills, Didactic innovation, Work Based Learning etc.


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Project responsible: Iole Marcozzi