The Romanian Institute for Adult Education – IREA from Timisoara, was established in March 2000 as an independent research unit belonging to the Department of Education Sciences, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timisoara.

IREA is a pedagogic research institute in the field of adult and continuing education, aiming to provide scientific and methodological support for all adult education institutions in Romania and to establish the link between the academics and practitioners in adult learning area. The overall research aim is to improve the quality of the education for adults, and to identify ways to enhance their ongoing participation in learning, and also for strengthening the lifelong learning dimension both at individual and institutional level.

IREA’s mission is to advance research and practice in the area of adult education in Romania and in Europe through supporting access to quality resources emerging from collaborative research & development practices and through proactive contributions to processes and products that aim to professionalize adult educators in Romania.